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  • Spring, maybe?

    Yesterday, where I live we got to experience another 6 inches of snow, yep snow on March 27th. You are right, spring started on the 20th, someone needs to tell the weather to look at the calendar. I have heard it said that if you don’t like the weather here in the Rockies wait 5 minutes and it will change. Today it’s 49 degrees and sunny. So, what am I going to do you ask? Well I’m taking full advantage I’m taking the convertible out for a cruise. Top down and everything. I know that 49 isn’t very warm, but that is why God invented heaters. The forecast is calling for rain and snow for the next 3 days so I’m going to pretend it’s spring and catch some rays and enjoy the growl of a V8. Who knows I may even go out and get a soda. When a good thing comes around take the time to appreciate and enjoy the gift. See you all out on the long winding road at least for a few minutes.

  • An old plastic cup.

    I’m not ashamed to ad mit it, I love soda. Mtn Dew is my jam. A few years ago I switched to diet and it’s still all good. The thing that I have noticed is how much joy a trip to the local C store armed with an empty plastic cup can bring. The power of the refill is real, the other day I went on a quest and was frustrated by the lack of supplies in at least 3 stores, I know, I’m crazy most people would have settled, not this cowboy, I kept searching until I found what I needed. It all turned out to be worth it, I was able to get the perfect balance of sugar free coconut, lime and Coke Zero. It made my wife smile and the bonus was that I found at this new place I could almost get 2 for 1. (Whoot whoot). I was a celebrity, it was glorious. Now a few days later my kids are asking if I need to “run an errand” they want the magic beverage….

    It’s a simple joy for everyone, and not bad on the pocketbook. I really think there is something to that old song “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” my advice to everyone find an old plastic cup and fill it with your favorite soft drink and fell the good vibes roll in. I still recommend Mtn Dew. Enjoy

  • If you run really fast and jump really high, you may be able to fly.

    I writing today via a request from a nephew of mine, it’s his mom’s my sister’s birthday today and I want to wish her a very happy one. Thanks Kalum for the idea.
    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

    Hey wait that’s not the story I wanted to tell, this one is about a little girl, the luckiest little girl in the whole world, what made her so lucky you ask? Well she had me as an older brother that’s what. Right now she is pondering and realizing how much fun it was to grow up with me and how lucky she really is. As kids the youngest 3 of us got the opportunity to travel around the country attending our older brother’s soccer tournaments, this one particular tournament was In Colorado Springs, Colorado. The soccer field was surrounded by hills, they were so steep. There were other kids there using a cardboard box as a sled, it looked so fun, however we didn’t have said cardboard box. No problem, enter the the 7 year old genius (me) I knew with the help of my 5 year old sister we could have a lot of entertainment and enjoyment, we just need someone to entertain us. Who could it be? Well the perfect specimen was available, our 3 year old sister…. PERFECT! We sat and watched the other kids zooming down the hill and I wished out loud that I could go that fast and my sidekick sister started wishing also, the lure was cast and waiting then it happened our little sister said she wanted to go down the hill, BAM! The hook was set. We went to the top of the hill looked over the edge, out came the silver tongue, we told her if she ran as fast as she could down the hill and jumped really high and flapped her arms she could fly! She tried once, twice, three times but she just couldn’t jump high enough or run fast enough to go more than a foot or two. But she was determined and we were hysterically laughing. Funniest thing we ever saw…. She was convinced she could do it, then our mom saw what was going, and put and end to it all. I thought moms were supposed to support our dreams? My sister just wanted to fly… We got into a little trouble if you know what I mean. But it was so worth it….

    Rachel, I hope you never lose the desire and confidence to “Fly” you never gave up and look what you have accomplished. Happy Birthday.

  • Crocus Flowers

    Welcome to the third addition of poetry Saturday, I hope you enjoy this one, I call it

    Crocus Flowers

    Lying dormant,
    Patiently waiting
    For the perfect time.

    Slowly the days get longer
    Change is coming!

    Poking, probing
    Feeling the surroundings.
    Anxiety building, will it ever be here?

    All at once
    The final push.
    Breaking through the crust.

    An explosion of color in the vast gray desert.
    It’s finally here the beautiful rebirth!

  • Just this good….

    I love days like today, it has nothing to do with the conditions outside, in fact the weather is gloomy and storming. We are in the middle of yet another snowstorm. But there is just something different today, as soon as I got out of bed I knew today was going to be good. It just feels right. I can’t help but borrow the words of f Travis Tritt “it’s a great day to be alive” nothing special is happening and it’s not a landmark day by any means, it’s just a routine Friday with all that comes with it. I just woke up feeling good about the day. I wish I knew the recipe for this secret sauce I would have it happen every day and I would bottle it up and share with everyone. I know that sometimes we get blasted with quite a string of bad days where everything seems like total crap and everything sucks, (but remember we are trying not to suck here) and then along comes a day that just goes well and feels good. Today is one of those days for me and I am going to celebrate. I can’t help but smile and be a bit light hearted. I’m sending good vibes your way and hoping this feeling is contagious. If you are have one of those bad days hold on, it’s almost your turn the sun will shine on you soon. Here’s to wishing every day could be just this good!!!!

  • Just a can of spray paint…

    I live in a beautiful home, it is nicely decorated. Many of our “things” have been rescued from another life or just repurposed from somewhere else in the house. My wife is very industrious not to mention creative. Sometimes she will pick something up, and I look at it and say what the are you going to do with that? To which I get some form of, all it needs is a little bit of spray paint. I am convinced that if there is some sort of catastrophic event my wife could repair the planet with a little bit of hot glue and just a can of spray paint. I have learned not to doubt her, she is a fricken magician with the stuff. We have made big changes in the look of our place by taking something old and worn out giving it a good cleaning and applying some of that mystical spray paint. I love that my wife can do this I love that she can find beauty in a tuft of weeds on the side of the road, it seems that everything is useful and has value, especially the things that others may overlook. There is probably a lesson to learn here, there usually is. It is probably something like this, be careful with what you are about to discard it may be a beautiful thing with a little attention and some care. I’m sure glad that my wife is one of these people that can look through the tarnish and the rough spots to find the treasure underneath, this trait has saved us a ton of money over the years and has added a lot of beauty to our home. Now that I think about it, this trait has allowed her to see through my tarnish also. Maybe we can all see the wisdom in picking “things” up that just need a little spray paint!

  • Don’t believe the hype…

    There are many voices we hear every day leading us down this path or that path, constantly barraging us not giving any peace. Wanting us to worry, about what we may have done or said, or just worry about what comes next. Causing us to focus on all of the bad real or perceived. And not allowing us to think about or enjoy the now and the good that surrounds us. Please don’t buy into it, these voices are liars! They want to cause doubt and misery. Do your best to stop worrying. Focus on the good, enjoy the things that are around you. Life is a gift, the experiences we have are there for a reason and we are ment to be happy. Don’t get lost in the weeds, enjoy every single day given to you.

  • Today is one of those days we all have them, the days when we realize that time has passed and it has gone so fast and we regret that we didn’t pay as close attention to it when it was happening. It’s a Don Williams “Amanda” kinda day, the lyrics say it all “It’s an awful awakenin’
    In a country boy’s life
    When you look in the mirror
    In total surprise
    At the hair on your shoulders
    And the age in your eyes.”

    You know I have witnessed all of that, the guy in my mirror has a lot more gray hair and a bunch of “deep” crows feet and he seems to say “ouch” out of nowhere way too much, but that isn’t what is getting me today. What is really getting me is that I am heading out today to see my “baby” competing in a High School track meet. My youngest shouldn’t be almost 16. Somewhere I’m my mind I am still carrying around that pink diaper bag full of baby stuff and weird healthy snacks, the bag was pink for years, 3 perfect baby girls will do that to a color palette (mostly pinks and purples). I loved toting around every single little one we have, either all together or individually. I love being a dad and I miss the days of being able to scoop up the little ones in my arms. I would still do it but they might not enjoy it as much as I would. I would probably get a lot of “what are you trying to do? crazy old man!” That and my son is now taller than I am. I see people that are currently in the young parent phase and it makes me want to go up to them and say “hold on to this time, it’s fleeting, enjoy every minute.” Now don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed every stage of the “grow up” and I wouldn’t trade it. The memories are just precious. Being a parent isn’t for the squeamish, you you put in all the blood sweat and tears, so they can fly the nest and go out and start over. It’s the most rewarding job there is! Thanks Mom and Dad for preparing me and thanks kids for being my little experiment.

  • And so it goes…..

    I want to take a little time today and speak about an issue that weighs heavy on some people, the issue is disappointment. We the disappointed sometimes feel guilty that we are disappointed, when we didn’t do anything except have a certain expectation. Let me reassure you, it’s not your fault! Having expectations is a good thing and wanting those met is also good, but be prepared we are all human and we will all fall short. But falling short is the sole responsibility of the doer, and not the asker if you know what I mean. As good people we should hold those around us accountable to our expectations and we should also be unquestionably disappointed when they are not met. Now that doesn’t mean public flogging or putting someone in the stocks and throwing rotten produce at them, it just means you should let them know how you feel. Without setting the bar and expressing what you want it is impossible to achieve the desired outcome. And then if the outcome is not what you had in mind it is our responsibility to be kind, treat with respect and gentleness but be firm. You never know when you will be on the other end of disappointment.

  • Life.

    (the beautiful journey it can be)

    Be careful, the world is dangerous. You’ve been told since you were young.

    Mountains to climb, work to do, pitfalls to avoid, dragons to slay but most important, remember, have fun!

    There are many beautiful things to see.

    Marvels of nature, industry of man,

    Take it all in do what you can.

    So much out there to learn and enjoy,

    But how you ask? How is it paid for?

    That’s easy, with jobs that employ!

    Choose wisely your path, there are many to take.

    Some lead to jobs some to children, whatever you do it won’t be a mistake.

    The love of your life is out there my child.
    Maybe hidden in plane site or running around, be patient, hold on it might drive you wild!

    Babies will come, get ready, there is nothing like them, the excitement the pride.

    The trials they bring, the tears and the pain, mean nothing compared to the endless love you feel from inside.

    For you the journey has begun, you are well on your way.

    Remember every distant tomorrow eventually turns to a beautiful today.

    What you want is out there, go out and get it.

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